The ones who make this possible.

Hi everyone,

I will do an presentation of the companies who are supporting our traverse of Norway.

We are very proud and happy for the support we have. The products we have got supported are products that I would recommend. It is not only free products that I got for free. When choosing a product it has to be something I like, that will work for the expedition I'm doing, it has to be environment friendly and be good quality. It's important for me.

I will start with the local sponsors from Honningsvag, our home town.


Intersport Honningsvag has supported our dog Storm with all his equipment. Everything from freeze dried vom to his own "backpack" and rug.

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Rema 1000 is our local Supermarket and they has sponsor us with food that we are sending out in food depots under way.

Vekst Nordkapp, They have printed out maps for us.

Destinasjon 71 Nord has supported us with Beef jerky, chocolates and dried meat from Renjer.


Willy Nyvoll

Willy has sponsor us with our backpacks from Osprey. 70 l and 75 l

Partners outside Honningsvag: