First 5 days

We are now in Ljosland in a warm Lavvo and waiting for the rain to stop. We have decided to take a rest day today to dry everything before we leave the civilization and starting over to the mountians. Yesterday we walked 46km in the rain so it was nice to arrive to a warm Lavvo and have the first shower in 5 days.

Photo from the start at Lindesnes

Day 1, 21,7 km Lindesnes-Lonestrand We started on Monday around two a clock from a windy Lindesnes. First day was tough with 25 kg in my backpack & Stig had around 27kg. We didn't do any specific training to get ready for this trip. So we both were pretty sore after the backpack the first day and walking on asphalt is tough for the legs and feet. In the evening we found a place to set camp but it was no water around so we walked over to the houses to get some first and a very friendly lady opened the door, after a little chat she asked if we would like dinner, they had lots of left overs. Who would say no that?! Dirty & tired we ended up in a birthday dinner. Fantastic food and lovely people. They offered us to sleep across the road in a little fishing hut they owned there. Could we have a better start on this amazing journey? 

Day 2 Lonestrand-Konsmo 31,49km It was so painful to carry the backpacks the first couple of kilometers. We had 6 km to Vigeland and there we stopped for a big breakfast that Edgar's Bakeri supported us with. A lady from the bank came out and gave us two hats and buff's. She was a sister to one of the ladies we meet at the birthday dinner the night before. From there we got our bags driven about 10km up the road and invited for hot dog to lunch. It was nice to give the back a little rest but also the pressure on the legs. It it a lot of weight to carry 25kg on asphalt and I have very easy to get sore shins so my legs has been a little struggle the first couple of days. Pain is fine but when you get shinsplints and sore ligament etc you have to be a bit careful. It won't heal if you don't rest. For us that is not an alternative right now. But at least to take some weight of the back for a day will help the stress on the lower legs. Day two was first night in our new tent from Helsport. Both were tired, a bit cold and hungry, When Stig asked me if I have the primus kitchen in my bag? No that was in your bag, I said. Earlier today a friend of Stig picked up couple of equipment/food that we don't need until Ljosland and heading up the mountians. So maybe he of mistake hade sent the kitchen with him? I just got myself ready to eat caviar and crispy bread for dinner and drink cold water instead of a warm cup of tea. But we had the kitchen there. Stig had put it in Storm's bag. At least Storm could of said something but as usual he was just sleeping.

Day 3 Konsmo-Håland 28,31km Our plan was to walk 30 km today but then we found a lake to camp at 28km so the choice was easy. It was again pretty tough to start walking. Our first stop was a petrol station to refill with snacks and water. Two people came up to ask lot's of questions. One was a very fit 82 year old man who had dreamed about walking Norge på langs his entire life. Now he Regret it every single day. So guys don't hesitate, get out there and follow your dream! The second guy we meet asked if we wanted to get a lift, but of course we said no thanks, but if you don't mind we can send the bags 5km up the road with you. So he took them with him. In the evening a old friend of Stig came up with smoked salmon from his company and more bred from Edgar's bakery. He took our bags the last 10 km and also Storm. It's nice for Storm to rest his feet if he can. He is doing well and he's in great shape. I could feel a bit more pain in my lower legs today and the first day I woke up with a sore throat so I haven't been in the best form the first couple of days. I also got a skin reaction on my legs that I saw that evening. I think it is heat rash.  

Day 4 Håland-Ljosland 46km It was a long day in the rain. But we wanted to reach Ljosland as we knew that Friday will be even more rain and we had the chance to sleep in a warm Lavvo in Ljosland. Storm was again lucky and got a lift the last 20km today up to Ljosland together with the guy who has the Lavvo's.