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First 5 days

We are now in Ljosland in a warm Lavvo and waiting for the rain to stop. We have decided to take a rest day today to dry everything before we leave the civilization and starting over to the mountians. Yesterday we walked 46km in the rain so it was nice to arrive to a warm Lavvo and have the first shower in 5 days.

Photo from the start at Lindesnes

Day 1, 21,7 km Lindesnes-Lonestrand We started on Monday around two a clock from a windy Lindesnes. First day was tough with 25 kg in my backpack & Stig had around 27kg. We didn't do any specific training to get ready for this trip. So we both were pretty sore after the backpack the first day and walking on asphalt is tough for the legs and feet. In the evening we found a place to set camp but it was no water around so we walked over to the houses to get some first and a very friendly lady opened the door, after a little chat she asked if we would like dinner, they had lots of left overs. Who would say no that?! Dirty & tired we ended up in a birthday dinner. Fantastic food and lovely people. They offered us to sleep across the road in a little fishing hut they owned there. Could we have a better start on this amazing journey?