Heavy backpacks & challenging conditions, but we love every minute☀️

Day 6 Ljosland-Gaukhei hytta, 22,87km Super excited to leave the roads behind us and hit the mountians. We had now all our equipment with us, that includes skis, ski boots and lot's of food.  So lot's of extra weight. I was still struggling with a sore throat and a flu.  We started of with 9km on a road that is under construction before we started of on a marked track over to Gaukhei  mountain cabin. It was pretty hard to see the marks on the track the first couple of km and we came off the track at one stage and ended up climbing up on a top and realized that the track was all the way back down along the river.  We wasn't moving very fast and had to have many short stops to rest our backs from the heavy backpacks. We arrived late around 10pm to Gaukhei cabin. The last couple of kilometers we were cold, tired and hungry.  The temperatures had dropped to minus 5 and it was a bit windy on top of that. Even if it felt like I couldn't  walk another step when we arrived in the evening it didn't take very long until I was full off energy again.

Day 7 Gaukhei-Vidalega 9km We didn't start until 11:30 today as we arrived so late the night before. My throat and flu was worse today and so was the weather as well. We had a strong headwind and was moving pretty slow. After 9km we arrived to a cabin. Our plan was to just stop here for a lunch break and continue another 10km but the wind was so strong and I was not in a good form so we decided to stay the night there. We were not sure if it actually were okay to sleep there. It said on the "hytte bok"  - that <<everyone>> are welcome. So we went ahead, heated up, cooked us dinner and went to bed. I was drinking tea in the evening and after two cups of tea I saw that I have been drinking tea without a tea bag 🙈. Guess it was time to go to bed then! I woke up twice in the night and was sweating and felt unwell. Not a good night for me. It was so poor with snow in the mountains that we decided to stop at the road 9km ahead  the following day to stop a car and try to get the skis and ski boots sent ahead. Our packs were so heavy with skis & we felt that we were moving to slow. We had a great plan there but not long after, we got a msg on Facebook said that the road over there was closed until 20th of May due to the wild reeinder's are calving. So then our plan was to head down to Rysstad instead of continue over the mountains for another 2 days with skis, ski boots and heavy packs in poor conditions, it would be 20km longer but we could at least get the skis sent up towards Hardangervidda and maybe the backpacks sent ahead a day to make up some kilometers on the road instead.

Day 8 Vidalega-Myklevatnet 20:90km We had about 9km to the road and there we made a decision to not continue over the mountians but head down the road towards Rysstad. The road over the mountain were closed but we still had a hope that somebody would drive pass and we were so right. A snowplough came pass & the driver had heard about us on Facebook so he took our skis, ski boots and Storm's bag so he could rest his back.   

In the evening we had birthday party, Stig had birthday so from Lindesnes I have been carry beer, jægermeister, pancake mix, jam and champagne. We found a nice spot near the river to set the tent up and celebrate!  

Day 9 Myklevatnet-Lunden camping 33,04km Back on the road again, we walked through a beautiful valley that reminded me about the alps. Impressive mountians walls, green valleys and the village (Valle) was very cute.  We stopped there for a long lunch break and had very tasty burgers for lunch. In the evening we got offered to stay in a cabin on a camping called Lunden camping. The owners invited us for coffee and cookies. We have meet so many nice and helpful people along the way. The best part this day was the shower!  

Day 10 Lunden camping-Steinsland  rasteplass 34km Day 11 Steinsland rasteplass -Bjåen 26,67km Another two days on the road. With not so much happening but we have friends who are living in a motor home that came down to visiting us to celebrate 17th May with us ( Norway's national day). So we are now spoiled with cooked dinners, beer and wine and also a very comfortable bed to sleep in. Storm has been lucky and had a rest day and stayed with them in the motor home.  

Day 12 Bjåen-Haukeliseter 36,40km Today is the national day of Norway. 🇳🇴 It is a huge day in Norway. For us it started with a delicious breakfast in the motor home to our friends and after that Stig and I started on skis over to Haukeliseter a big mountain station in Norway. Our friends were driving around the mountain to wait for us there, Storm stayed with them in the motor home. It was a perfect day for skis, beautiful views and sunny. The snow conditions were not the best and sometimes we had to take the skis off or walk on foot, pretty wet snow so it didn't go that fast. The last part was pretty step too. We saw lots of grouse pair today. They are so beautiful now in the spring when they go from white color to grey or brown. It was a long day and again we arrived to a cooked dinner and celebrated 17th May together with our friends in the evening.