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Heavy backpacks & challenging conditions, but we love every minute☀️

Day 6 Ljosland-Gaukhei hytta, 22,87km Super excited to leave the roads behind us and hit the mountians. We had now all our equipment with us, that includes skis, ski boots and lot's of food.  So lot's of extra weight. I was still struggling with a sore throat and a flu.  We started of with 9km on a road that is under construction before we started of on a marked track over to Gaukhei  mountain cabin. It was pretty hard to see the marks on the track the first couple of km and we came off the track at one stage and ended up climbing up on a top and realized that the track was all the way back down along the river.  We wasn't moving very fast and had to have many short stops to rest our backs from the heavy backpacks. We arrived late around 10pm to Gaukhei cabin. The last couple of kilometers we were cold, tired and hungry.  The temperatures had dropped to minus 5 and it was a bit windy on top of that. Even if it felt like I couldn't  walk another step when we arrived in the evening it didn't take very long until I was full off energy again.